Connecting Employees to Everything


The Modern Employee demands instant response. 

They want to be rewarded for their individual accomplishments. 

They want to be trained by their company to make more money. 

They want special benefits.  

They want to be appreciated. 

They want to be connected. 

All with in an app experience from their mobile phone. 

Tens of Billions will be spent in the next 5 years on Employee Engagement Mobile Apps.


Our Team recognized the high demand and future revenue opportunities supplying a better corporate app through personal experience and personal connections. 

The Employee Experience Mobile App satisfies three separate billion dollar markets and monetizes technology for our clients (saves them thousands of dollars per month as well). 

Employee Experience Mobile App creates Happy Employees


Every employee carrlies a smart phone.  They use it all day long. They are at work 40% of their life.  Give them an icon on their phone that makes them happy at work- Connected- Rewarded- Appreciated. 

Eliminate employee dissatisfaction and retain them. 

FACT: Dissatisfied employees cost the company 35% of their pay in lost profits And another 20% to replace when they leave.