Think Local Innovations Team

Kelly Sturmthal


Mom - Spouse - Lawyer - Owner - Giver. 

When you meet Kelly for the first time you get this strong sense of purpose mixed with proud to live and work where I grew up!  Local as Local can be. Kelly founded Think Local in 2014 and 5 years later preparing to launch her successful vision of Think Local to all of America. 

Jeff Wiebell


Think you are Passionate about new tech that makes the world a happier better place? When our Technology Jeff gets going it’s like a bullet train of Technology Modernism. We all know his 4 children taught him everything about what the future workforce will need!  

Our Think Local Technology Tinkerer specializes in building products and services that boost profits for local businesses and donations for nonprofits. 

Jeff is a Nationally recognized modern marketing specialist as well as a Physical Security Technologist and Vulnerability Assessment specialist